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All you need to know about us

Seeing a lack of personalised support & range of solutions from Townsville IT companies, Choice Computer Solutions was successfully launched in 2010, heralding in a new era of high level IT support & choice for the local community. We offer a refreshing change from most IT companies. We offer you CHOICE. Any solutions we create will always have clearly defined options, so you have a clear idea of where your solution stands among the daunting plethora of options available. Our technicians will not bamboozle you with technical speak. We try to speak “normal” as much as possible, only getting technical when required. Here at Choice Computer Solutions we live by the old saying “There are no dumb questions…. only bad technicians”.
Our Mission

Providing professional & friendly solutions for IT related hardware, software & networking issues to homes & businesses in the North Queensland Region 

Our Company's Values

Choice Computer Solutions always strives to achieve the highest level of service for our customers whilst still providing choice of options with every solution 

How to get Support?

Send us a message via our Contact Us page or call 0410 530 540 to speak to one of our friendly technicians